Should stores be open on Thanksgiving?

Published 8:37 pm Sunday, November 17, 2013

It’s inspired debate around the country as big box stores move their shopping hours earlier and earlier for Black Friday: Should retail stores open on Thanksgiving day?

According to an informal Brewton Standard poll, the answer is no. But some stores plan to be open that day to get a jump on Black Friday sales.

“Let everyone enjoy a day of thanks,” Tim Cook wrote in response to a question on The Brewton Standard’s Facebook page. “If a store wants to get a big jump on sales, begin before Thanksgiving Day.”

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Many people agreed that store employees should have a chance to enjoy the day with their families.

“I will not do business with anyone on a major holiday,” Steven Smith said. “Everyone deserves time off to spend with their loved ones.”

Reader Tee Watson had an alternative for those who want to spend money on the holiday.

“This is a special day to give thanks with your family and friends,” Watson said. “If you’re able to spend money on Thanksgiving, give it to a homeless shelter, mission, or church to help feed the less fortunate. But give ahead of time, so they can meet the needs of families in our community and the surrounding area. That is Thanksgiving.”

But Christine Poe had a different perspective, considering the economy: “I don’t see anything wrong with it,” she said. “Employees should be thankful for their jobs.”