Brewton Servpro office working on Operation Greenwave for holidays

Published 3:59 pm Friday, November 22, 2013

It is only appropriate that the company Servpro has the word serve in their name, because that is exactly what they will be doing in the upcoming Christmas and holiday season as the local company has adopted the outreach of Operation Greenwave.

The program will provide 10 families in need in the community with a full-course Christmas meal.

“I kind of wanted to do something because it is that time of the year, but I just didn’t really know what I wanted to do and how to put it all together,” local Servpro owner Lee Knowles said. “We were in a meeting about a month ago and another Servpro started an outreach program called Operation Greenwave. They started telling us about it, and it is basically what I wanted to do. So I said since they had already rolled out the groundwork for it and have everything in place that we needed to get the information on it. We got it and we adopted it and here we are. We are in the process of getting the applications back right now.”

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The other company is in its third year doing the program, Knowles said, and started out at 10 families and now is at 70. Th community has accepted it well, he said.

“We took applications to the Chamber of Commerce,” Knowles said. “We are accepting applications for families that have fallen on tough times. Christmas and the holidays are about being with family, eating and enjoying ourselves with fellowship. This way, maybe if a family can’t afford it this year, this provides a way for a full meal. It is not just providing a turkey or a ham, it is the full-course meal. All they would have to provide is the things like the salt and pepper or the butter and things like that. We provide everything else.”

Knowles said even though his company is taking care of all the things, it is really a community effort.

“We have been to Wal-Mart, Pic-and-Sav nd Piggly Wiggly,” he said. “So really it is a group effort of all us coming together to put this on. It is not just a Servpro thing, but also a community thing. We are just spearheading everything. It is a cool little thing for this time of the year. The idea is a complete meal. The recipe cards will tell them how to prepare the foods.”

Servpro worker Dixie Wiggins said there will be recipe cards given out for each staple item and on the card.

“Whoever has helped donate the supplies, will have their logo on it,” she said. “They get to prepare the meal instead of it all being pre-done. They can get applications at the Chamber of Commerce or at our office here. If they need an application, they can call and I will get one to them. Maybe this can be more than Christmas eventually too.”

Knowles said hopefully next year, the company can branch out to Monroeville, Atmore or Evergreen.

“We cover such a large area,” he said. “I just wanted to make sure we get it polished this year and it goes smoothly before we get too involved with it in the future. This year we are starting out small because it is our first time. We want to be sure it goes smoothly and take care of everyone we need to. Right now we are going to accept 10 families — in the Brewton and East Brewton area — this year as our goal. We are going to see how it goes this year and I want it to be big down the road. I want to open it up more later and take care of all who are in need.”

Applications will be accepted through Friday, Dec. 6. Deliveries will be made on Monday, Dec. 23.

If you have any questions contact Wiggins at 251-809-1260.

Applications are asked to be dropped off to SERVPRO of Monroeville/Evergreen/Brewton located at 1023 Douglas Ave. Suite 210, in Brewton no later than December 6, by 4 p.m. You can also email the application to You will receive a phone call, to the number you provided in the application, to arrange delivery date and time if your application is accepted.

Applications will be drawn at random to reach the 10-family limit.

Items that will be delivered will be candied yams, green beans, mashed potatoes, coffee and/or tea, ham and cookies.

“I am excited about it,” Knowles said. “I am excited to be able to help some folks. I think it is going to be a really good thing. If you want to refer someone, they can do that too. Just call and let us know. Unfortunately, we can’t get to service everyone this year, but in the future, hopefully it will get big. The Lord has definitely blessed us so hopefully this is a way we can give back.”

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