Lambert back for another round on ‘Sweet Home Alabama’

Published 10:54 am Friday, November 29, 2013

Jacob Lambert stars on CMT's "Sweet Home Alabama" on Friday nights.

Jacob Lambert stars on CMT’s “Sweet Home Alabama” on Friday nights.

Flomaton native Jacob Lambert will be back for a third episode of “Sweet Home Alabama” Friday night.

The firefighter has survived two eliminations on the dating show, and although he did not have as much screen time in episode two as he did the the debut, Lambert showcased his personality again, not to mention his knowledge of the South.

The CMT dating show pits 11 country bachelors against 11 city bachelors trying to win the hand of Tuscaloosa’s Kelsey Smith.

Smith took three bachelors on one-on-one dates last week, and then eliminated one of the city bachelors.

But when Los Angeles car salesman Alex Stein was rude to Boyd Little, owner of the Fairhope farm where the bachelors stay, Lambert steered clear of the fray.

“The bottom line is mission accomplished,” Lambert said. “And the mission is Kelsey.”

In the end Alex was sent packing — after a plea from Little to Smith. Little, who was probably tired of Stein’s rude antics, had asked Stein if he thought his actions would make his parents proud.

Lambert knew that was simply a way to put Stein in his place.

“It’s a very common question in the South,” Lambert said on the show. “When you start misbehaving … people are going to ask you if your parents would be proud of you.”

Lambert will be back for another round at 8 p.m. on CMT Friday. And according to the preview, there’s something about skinning a rabbit?