Lottery scheme lands two men in jail

Published 12:16 pm Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Two Huxford residents are facing theft charges in connection with a lottery ticket scheme that cost the owner of the Grey Goose Lounge and Package store $70,000.

Deldon Ray McGhee, 51, and Tracey Lynn McGhee, 40, were booked on second-degree larceny charges for a scheme that took place between September and October, according to arrest reports from the Escambia County (Fla.) Sheriff’s Office.

The reports state that Deldon McGhee and Tracey McGhee, who both worked at the lounge and package store in Davisville, committed the offense by “taking possession of lottery ticket books with the intent of activating said books, closing them electronically and redeeming them for cash.”

Owner Randy Mager told authorities he sustained a net loss of $70,000, due to the scheme.

The Florida Lottery Commission submitted evidence to the sheriff’s office that indicated and established “exact ticket book records including the delivery, activation, closing, or settling and the redemption, as well as the redemption location,” according to arrest reports. The sheriff’s office also obtained surveillance video from the store.

Deldon McGhee and Tracey McGhee both admitted to redeeming the tickets for cash, according to arrest reports, and each said they hadn’t taken more than $10,000. They both told authorities that other employees were involved in fixing short cash drawers, due to the theft.

Deldon McGhee and Tracey Lynn McGhee also told authorities each had contacted Mager and said they would pay him back for the lost money once they got their birthday checks from the Poarch Band of Creek Indians in January, if he didn’t press charges, according to arrest reports.

Both have posted $20,000 bonds. The arrest reports did not indicate if Deldon McGhee and Tracey McGhee were related.