East Brewton votes to limit heavy trucks

Published 9:53 am Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Heavy trucks will be kept off residential streets and their speed will be limited on thoroughfares under a new ordinance passed Monday by the East Brewton City Council.

The ordinance is designed to to minimize damage to East Brewton streets, city officials said.

After weeks of discussion and a re-writing of the ordinance to cover all aspects, Mayor Terry Clark said he thought it was ready to be passed.

“We have addressed all of the concerns of this council and I believe this ordinance is ready for your approval,” Clark said. “This covers all the bases and will help protect our streets.”

The ordinance covers concerns including speed limits, parking regulations and travel of tandem trucks in the city and police jurisdiction.

The ordinance describes a “tandem truck” as a motor vehicle with one axle in the front and two or more axles closely positioned to each other in the rear of the vehicle.

Previously, concerns were voiced about school busses being included in the definition of tandem vehicle. However, after further study, the council agreed that busses would not be included in respect to weight limits and other specifications of the vehicle.

Under the new ordinance, tandem trucks will not be allowed to drive at a higher rate of speed than 30 miles per hour on Florida Street from the south city limes to the junction at Forrest Avenue and from Forrest Avenue from the southeast city limits to the Murder Creek Bridge.

The ordinance further states additional speed limits in specific areas ranging from no more than 15 miles per hour to 25 miles per hour — typically residential areas. Parking will be limited to areas that do not cause hazards or in other designated areas.

A copy of the ordinance is available at city hall for inspection by those affected by the changes, Clark said.