Grease hits the stage

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, February 26, 2014

On Thursday and Friday, there was a lot of singing and shouting as the T.R. Miller High School students produced their annual play. This year’s selection was “Grease.” The following is the production’s cast list:

Sandy Dumbrowski: Lauren Byrd;

Danny Zuko: Zac Griffin;

Teen Angel: Dan Johnson;

Rizzo: Haley Baggett;

Frenchy: Abbi Roberts and Amber Terry;

Marty: Anna Grace Glaize;

Jan: Meagan Franklin;

Kenickie: Chandler Brown;

Doody: Jacorey Benjamin;

Roger: Caden Lodge;

Sonny: Zachary Whitworth;

Patty: Mary Chandler Nelson;

Cha-Cha: Kylie Bush;

Eugene: Dan Johnson;

Vivian Fountaine (disc jockey): Kara Bradley;

Johnny Casino; Jalen Jones;

Miss Lynch: Kelsey Thompson;

Pink Ladies: Ali Taylor, Karisa Nelson and Mackenzie Lucas;

T-Birds: Kieon Smith, Dominique Jackson, Cameron Coleman;

Cheerleaders: Rebekah Quick, Jessica Allan, Crystal Boutwell;

Sound and Lighting- Caitlin Barnes and Tyler Reid.