Brewton cutting 2 of 3 school resource officers

Published 7:05 pm Monday, April 7, 2014

Beginning next Thursday, the number of school resource officers in the Brewton City Schools will be reduced from three to one, Chief Monte McGougin confirmed Monday.

McGougin said the officer currently assigned to Brewton Elementary would continue to serve as a school resource officer; however, the manpower at Brewton middle and high schools would be placed back on patrol.

McGougin said the change is being made not because of budgetary issues, but because the manpower is needed on the streets.

“I have to cover the streets,” McGougin said. “I must move supervisors, so that means that two (school resource officers will be moved to) cover patrol, which will leave one (school resource) officer at all three of the schools daily.”

McGougin said that “no one is losing their job” because of the transition.

Salary for the three officers is estimated at $90,000 a year, McGougin said. The school board covers the cost one total officer, and the city picks up the remainder of cost.

“It’s like I said; it’s not about the money,” McGougin said of the cost of the service. “It’s about placing the men where they need to be at this particular time.”

City School Superintendent Lynn Smith said Monday night that he plan to meet with principals in the morning to determine the best course action in light of the personnel changes.

The Brewton Standard will update this story as more details become available.