Local candidates finance report summary

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Escambia County Commission, District No. 1
For this seat, the incumbent David Stokes will face challenger Theodore “Ted” Jennings.
Stokes, a Democrat, has raised $4,300 with the following contributions:
• $1,500, Vision PAC of Montgomery;
• $500, Bobbie M. Stokes of Brewton;
• $200, Carolyn and Gary Trimble of Brewton;
• $1,000, Dan or Kathy McMillan of Brewton;
• $500, Republic Services Inc. of Phoenix, Ariz.;
• $250, Stokes and Stokes PC of Brewton; and,
• $300, Bobbie M. Stokes of Brewton.
His expenditures, which included a $750 qualifying fee, totaled $1,273. Listed expenses were:
• $184, advertising, The Printing Station;
• $25, administrative, Harland Clarke of Brewton;
• $213, advertising, Jus Do of Brewton;
• $100, advertising, Nettie Barton of Brewton
Jennings, also a Democrat, has raised $10,058 to date, while recording $2,800 in expenditures.
Contributions, which include $3,000 in loans to himself, recorded were:
• $1,000, Millennium Risk Managers of Birmingham;
• $5,000, Poarch Creek Band of Indians of Atmore;
• $25, Vivian Jones of Brewton; and,
• $1,000, AL Group PAC of Montgomery.
Expenditures listed were:
• a $750 qualifying fee;
• $86 in food at the Sinclair Restaurant and Hines Restaurant in Montgomery and the Oaks Café in Brewton;
• $31, advertising, The Brewton Standard;
• $35, advertising, The Tri-City Ledger;
• $228, administrative, Walmart;
• $175, Leadership Alabama;
• $20, food, Second St. Saloom Baptist Church, Brewton;
• $120 in transportation costs to Murphy Oil;
• $145, administrative, Brewton Chamber of Commerce;
• $140, American Cancer Society;
• $140, advertising, Jeff Davis Community College;
• $2,522, advertising, Jus Do;
• $10, Boy Scout Troop;
• $35, Alabama State University; and,
• $20, Run for Luke Isaacson.

Escambia County Commission, District No. 5
Democrat David Quarker, the incumbent, will face Republican candidate Katrina Wallace in the race for county commissioner District No. 5.
Quarker did not file any reports.

Wallace has raised $2,034 while spending $936 on a qualifying fee and campaign advertising materials.
Contributions include a $489 loan from herself and donations totaling:
• $300, George E. Williams of Bay Minette;
• $25, Sharon L. Powe of Mobile;
• $100, Charles R. Detting, Atmore;
• $500, Thomas E. McMillan Jr.;
• $100, the Rev. and Mrs. Colton Langford of Atmore;
• $100, Lola P. Presley of Pensacola, Fla.;
• $70, Shane Hadley of Atmore; and,
• 350 in in-kind contributions.

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There are two candidates vying for the office of Escambia County Sheriff – the incumbent Grover Smith and Heath Jackson.
Smith, a Democrat, leads the local fundraising pack with $10,650 recorded in contributions.
Smith, who has served as sheriff for the last eight? Years, began his campaign in January with a $3,000 self contribution. Other contributions include:
• $400 from Ned Sibert of East Brewton;
• $1,000 from Paul Owens of Brewton;
• $1,000 from Jerry Kelly of Brewton;
• $500 from Roy Sanderson of Rainsville, Ala.;
• $4,750 from Patsy W. Smith of Brewton
Smith’s expenditures include:
• a $2,225 qualifying fee; and,
• $5,000 to Ron the Signman for advertising.
Jackson, a Republican, listed a beginning balance of $1,762.48 and recorded a $500 contribution from Jeweler’s Trade Shop in Pensacola, Fla., and $1,500 expenditure for his qualifying fee.

Tax Assessor
There are three candidates running for county tax assessor – Bub Gideons of Atmore; Sarah McMillan of Brewton, and Thad Moore Jr., also of Brewton.
In this race, Moore leads in fundraising, documenting $5,785 in contributions, which include:
• $2,000 from Cindy Moore of Brewton;
• $500, Reid Lawson of Greensboro, Ala.;
• $300, Charles Godwin of Atmore;
• $200, Eric Coale of Brewton;
• $1,000, Earl and Becky Lambert of Brewton;
• $500, Margaret and Russell Smith of Brewton; and,
• $1,000, Margaret and Dave Bringard of Panama City Beach, Fla.
His expenditures include:
• $25 to JusDo and $205 to the Printing Station in East Brewton for advertising; and,
• a $2,250 qualifying fee;
• $44, Support Atmore Community Hospital;
• $25, Brewton Sportsman’s Club;
• $50, Flomaton High School;
• $15 to Carousel Checks; and,
• $120, Michele Isaacson for Luke Isaacson; and,
• $2,737, Vinyl Tech Signs.
Gideons, a Democrat, recorded $2,100 in contributions from the following donors:
• Greg Atkins of Atmore, $100;
• Murrary Johnson of Atmore, $700;
• Chris Rowland of Atmore, $500;
• Marilyn Davidson of Atmore, $500;
• Foster Kizer of Atmore, $200; and,
• Susan Smith of Atmore, $100.
At the end of the March reporting period, Gideons was operating at a more than $1,300 deficit after reporting the following expenditures:
• a $2,250 qualifying fee;
• $71, advertising, PCI Printing;
• $676, advertising, SS Graphics;
• $60, advertising, GoDaddy.com;
• $205, advertising, CheapDoorHangers.com;
• $134, advertising, PCI Printing, and,
• $50, advertising, The Brewton Standard
McMillan, a Republican, had only one campaign finance report on file, which reported that she had a beginning campaign balance of $398 and a $300 self contribution. She recorded $7 in administrative expenses to Region’s Bank.

Tax Collector
Republican Tim Pettis and Democrat Todd White are seeking the seat of county tax assessor.
Pettis, of Brewton, recorded $1,000 in contributions – $500 from himself and another $500 from L. M. Blackburn of Pensacola, Fla. A $1,699.74 loan from himself covered his documented expenses, which included his qualifying fee and advertising with the Atmore, Flomaton and Great Brewton Area chambers of commerce.
White, of Flomaton, listed a $3,500 self contribution and just over $3,000 in expenses, which included his qualifying fee and the following contributions: $100, Jeff Davis Community College Foundation: $100, Flomaton High School: $60, Flomaton Chamber of Commerce; $15, Atmore Hospital Fund; $140, Atmore Chamber of Commerce; $100, the National Wild Turkey Federation; $50, FAG Missions; $70, Brewton Chamber of Commerce; and $20, Flomaton Lions Club.

County School Board, District No. 1
In the race for Escambia County School Board, seat No. 1, Randall Little leads in fundraising, claiming $1,267 in self contributions, zero in expenditures.
Other opponents recorded the following:
• Debbie Quarles: $176 in self contributions, zero in expenditures; and,
• Kevin Hoomes: zero in contributions and $505 in non-itemized expenditures.

Campaign finance reports were not found for county school board District No. 5 candidates Willie Grissett and Wilma Smith nor were they found for county commission District No. 5 candidate Larry White. White, however, has no opposition.