Public: Put cops in schools

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Public outcry has prompted reversal in the decision to remove two of the three school resource officers in Brewton City Schools.
Last week, Police Chief Monte McGougin said he was reducing the number of SROs from one in each of the system’s three schools to one who would visit each school daily.
McGougin cited the need to cover patrols on the streets and announced that the change would occur last week.
Now, McGougin said officers will remain at stations in Brewton City Schools through the end of the school term and will be returning to their school beats in the fall.
Staffing needs had prompted McGougin last week to reconfigure patrols, but national events involving school safety and requests from local residents moved the chief to reconsider, he said.
“The top priority for me and for all our officers is to ensure the safety of our residents, including every student in our school system,” McGougin said. “We will continue to maintain police presence through this school term and again in the fall as we work to be sure public safety is secure.”

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