Hydrant testing scheduled

Published 9:18 pm Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Water will be running in the streets Monday as the Brewton Fire Department begins flushing fire hydrants.

Chief Jeffery Salter said the process will continue five days a week for approximately two weeks.

“And mainly in the morning hours between 8 a.m. and noon,” he said. “We don’t want to inconvenience anyone. The city will be broken down into three sections, and each shift will work a section.”

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Salter said the process is important to the city water system.

“By allowing the water to flow at a high velocity, it enhances water quality by removing sediments from inside the mainline and flushing them out through the hydrant,” he said. “It also identifies any problems with the hydrant or its valves and determines weaknesses in the system.”

Salter said residents may encounter a temporary drop in water pressure as well as rusty brown or cloudy water.

“The discolored water isn’t harmful and should go away in a few hours after the flushing,” he said. “If you experience it, open the cold water faucet and allow the water to run until it runs clear. If you have any problems, call us and we will check it at the hydrant.”

Salter asked that residents also follow these recommendations:

• do not wash white or light-colored laundry during the flushing operation;

• open both hot and cold faucets and let water flow until clear;

• check faucet screens for trapped particles; and,

• wash a load or two of dark-colored clothes first.

Those with issues or questions should call 867-7165.