New ER opens; Byrne visits

Published 8:56 am Wednesday, October 1, 2014


The new emergency room department at D.W. McMillan Memorial Hospital is up and running.
The official start for the facility was Sept. 26 at 7 a.m.
“We are happy to announce that phase one of our $11 million expansion and renovation project is complete,” said Chris Griffin, hospital administrator.
“This means that we will now begin treating patients in our new emergency department and our patients will access our new emergency department through our new entrance located on Belleville Avenue,” he said.
The primary changes to be expected by patients include the new emergency department entrance at the front of the hospital, which is located under the new canopy and marked with new Emergency/Outpatient signage and a new parking lot just across Edgewood Drive from the hospital to accommodate patient parking.
The two new operating suites are expected to be opened sometime during October. In addition to the new emergency department and the new operating suites, hospital renovations will be ongoing through the summer of 2015. Hospital personnel will be working diligently to ensure patients and their families can navigate through the hospital during the ongoing renovations. Hospital administration has requested the public’s patience as the hospital improvements continue over the next several months.
The $11 million investment includes a new 7,500 square foot emergency department, two integrated operating room suites and renovations to the existing surgical suite. The new emergency department includes the following: five exam rooms, a two bed trauma room, a cardiac trauma room and a decontamination room.
The ongoing expansion will also centralize registration and new waiting areas for most all outpatient and emergency services. It will include the additional of a new outpatient infusion center, renovation of radiology waiting and administrative areas, and renovation of the primary corridors located on the north end of the hospital.

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