‘Project’ has long history

Published 4:01 pm Wednesday, October 1, 2014

September and October were in full swing five years ago in 2009. Fall was certainly in the air and some minds were already looking ahead to the holiday season.
Those that work with the Christmas Project were seeking help in getting the project off and running for the coming season.
This is one of those charitable organizations that do such good work helping children who might not otherwise have a very happy holiday season if it were not for Christmas Project. It will be happening again this year and if you can find the time or funds, please help out in this worthwhile endeavor.
After a bad year, not only here in Brewton, the economy was taking a toll on everyone. It was noted by Brewton and East Brewton that sales taxes were down for last year. Both towns were looking to tighten their budgets for the coming year. One difference noted was that more people were doing more shopping locally instead of going to Pensacola or other cities.
This is a problem that we face every year. People, you can find it here. Keep that money in your own town and help out your neighbors. All that sales tax needs to be of benefit for us who live here.
One group that contributes to the general public every year is Leadership Brewton. In 2009, Leadership raised money to purchase the materials to provide movies that were to be shown to the general public.
Although the movies have not garnered the numbers they would have liked, it makes for a good little outing to be able to go to see a good movie for all of us. Pop a little bit of popcorn and bring a bottle of soda pop and sit back and enjoy.
Another event that occurs each year is the Brewton Fire Department setting aside a week to promote fire prevention. The fire department has provided smoke alarms and installed them in many homes within the city limits. Although I have not checked, I am sure they are planning something along the same lines to recognize fire awareness.
Homecoming was on the minds of people in East Brewton and W.S. Neal. Breane Hawthorne was the queen. It did not end on a happy note as the football team lost 34 to 14 against Hillcrest.
In Brewton, the 1969 T.R. Miller High School football team was honored for winning the state championship. Team members wore the old uniforms that dated back to 1969 and former members were invited to the celebration.
In the Lifestyles section of the news, the engagement of Kate Herrington and Spencer Williamson was announced. Today Kate and Spencer are the proud parents of (so I am told) a beautiful baby boy.
The Humane Society launched a new Web site. The Society has been through some rough times since 2009. Hopefully, they are back on track.
Last, but certainly not least, there was an article telling of the capture of murder suspect Bruce Edward Day, who turned himself in after a visit made by Sheriff Grover Smith to the suspect’s father. Sheriff Smith took care of business in a low-key manner without any fanfare.We are lucky to have him.

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