Watts enjoys leading Cedar Hill Baptist

Published 4:30 pm Tuesday, January 20, 2015

A community depends on its citizens to make it a better place to live. The same is also true in a church with the pastor. That position is now being filled at Cedar Hill Baptist Church under the leadership of the new pastor, Dr. Michael Watts.
Although he has only been at Cedar Hill since September, the church is seeing a growth in interest and attendance.
“We have had an increase in those attending,” said Watts. “I hope that means we are doing something right. I already love the East Brewton and Brewton area and my family shares that love with me. I have served in small towns, large towns and even places that might not even be more than a village. I like a small town and enjoy walking into a business or restaurant and someone speaking to me by name.”
Watts said he got the call to serve God while he was still in high school, but turned away for a while when he got the idea that he could do just what he wanted to do.
“I reached a time when my plans didn’t seem like they were going to lead me to a life in the ministry,” he said. “I thought I knew what was best for me and I stopped listening to God. With God’s help and the help of my dear wife, I got back on track and now I believe I am where the Lord wants me to be.”
He grew up in a military family and he grew up in Prattville, graduating from high hchool in 1998. He then enrolled in seminary at Graceville, Fla., but walked away after only attending a short while. He turned to the military and, in his words, “ran from God.”
The military didn’t work for Watts, so he soon was on his way home. Along about this time he took a chance and went online where he soon began chatting with a young lady from Mississippi by the name of Devyon.
“I was so surprised when I started a conversation with her,” Watts said. “I was surprised to find that we were soon emailing each other every day. But I soon realized that God was once again guiding my life. When we met a few months later, things clicked and within a few more months, we got married. Not long afterward. God called me again, and when I told Devyon that I was going back into the ministry, she wasn’t surprised at all.
“She said she already knew, but she was just waiting on me to come to the same realization,” he said. “She is the best thing that ever happened to me and she makes me who I am. I do have to give my grandfather credit for dragging me to church, even when I didn’t want to go.“
Watts entered seminary at Bethany Southwest Bible College and Seminary in Dothan. He soon got his first opportunity with a church when he was asked to come to the small town of Webb at Center Baptist Church.
At first, Watts said he felt he was called to the youth ministry, but after preaching a few sermons, and a few years later, he was led to change his direction. He went to minister to a larger congregation in Texas.
This is where his life took another turn which would eventually lead him back to Alabama.
“I had done some speaking and preaching on YouTube and never thought much about it,” he said. “But back in Alabama someone saw it and then got in touch with me. We are already fitting in nicely and love it here. Our children (two boys and one girl) are attending W.S. Neal and everyone is very happy here. We want to stay here as long as the Lord lets us stay here. I like the outdoors, nature, fishing and spending time with the family, as well as reading my Bible.”
Watts also said that his wife supported him when he was going to seminary and now he is supporting her in her desire to become a nurse. She is enrolled in the nursing program at Jefferson Davis Community College.
“She has been there for me and put her plans off for a while,” he said. “Now it’s her turn.”

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