County earns $16K safety bonus

Published 4:24 pm Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Escambia County’s County Commission joined 43 other county commissions in being the recipients of cash awards from the Association of County Commissions of Alabama’s insurance funds. The program was a yearlong effort across Alabama to provide safer workplaces and reduce injuries.
ACCA’s Safety Incentive Discount Program, administered by its self-funded insurance programs, rewards counties for ongoing efforts to enhance training for employees in safety-sensitive positions, improve driver safety and produce a work environment focused on accident prevention.
Tony Sanks said Escambia County received $16,260.98.
The awards totaled $943,654 statewide this year, when safety incentives and investment earnings from the workers’ compensation fund are combined. Amounts for individual counties are based on that county’s annual premium and the level of participation in safety activities. The incentive program contains nine basic elements, all aimed at making county employees more aware of safety issues, taking active steps to reduce risk and providing educational opportunities for county employees and officials.
ACCA Executive Director Sonny Brasfield said that these counties’ willingness to emphasize loss-prevention can only lead to an avoidance of those events that are preventable.
He pointed to the use of seat belts, eliminating texting while driving, active review of work areas for safety risks and proactive training opportunities as some of the key factors in reducing losses.
ACCA’s insurance programs, which provide services to injured county employees and provide liability protection for employees and officials, are managed by boards of trustees.

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