Grimes’ column: It seemed like the world was going to end

Published 4:45 pm Tuesday, February 3, 2015

The year 2000 got off to a rousing start even though there was much trepidation about what would happen at midnight when we entered a new millennium. According to some, the whole world was going to go crazy and computers were going to bite the dust all over the world.
Well, guess what? Nothing happened and it was just another day.
Brewton Police Department was approved for five new Ford Crown Victoria cars. I don’t remember if this was the white cars or the new old black and white versions. During this time frame the officers in the police department were issued new standardized and up-dated uniforms.
The Escambia County School Board announced a new bus route for W.S. Neal. It was supposed to be used for those children living east of Forrest Avenue. I never have thought of it, but I wonder just how many buses are actually used on a daily basis. It must be quite a few.
In Evergreen, businessman Guy Chavers was murdered and his wife, Linda, was injured during a burglary at their residence. Three people were later arrested.
It is so sad to hear about so much unnecessary violence in the world today. Just this week, an elderly couple were murdered, probably just because they went on Craig’s List to either purchase or buy an automobile.
There was an ad in the paper announcing the re-opening of Todd’s Bake Shop. I am sure this must have been after one of Mr. Todd’s illnesses. I can bet you that there were plenty of hungry folks showing up on the first day, and even afterwards, to get some of those delicious donuts he was famous for. I know that our family put away many dozens of pastries that came from there.
Boy Scout Troop 42 celebrated its 50th anniversary at the Scout Hut next to the First United Methodist Church on Belleville Avenue.
Today that same troop is still active and little boys are learning some valuable lessons just as their fathers did.
In sports, the 1952 T.R. Miller High School basketball team was honored and remembered and W.S. Neal High School basketball team took on and defeated the Blacksher Bulldogs.
Officials met to talk about putting a paved four-lane highway from Navarre, Fla., to Interstate 65. It was to be named the Alabama-Florida Parkway.
Well, that one surely went by the wayside. It is plain to see that this highway was never built. It seems as if it would have been very good for both East Brewton and Brewton if it had come through. Oh, well, maybe someday.
An all-sports banquet was held at W.S. Neal Middle School to honor all of those who participated in some sort of sports.
John and Wendy West announced the birth of their daughter, Kathryn Elizabeth, who was born at D.W. McMillan Hospital.
A house fire in New York claimed the life of a former resident of Brewton. She died a hero as she saved four other people before she died of the result of the fire.
There was a fire on Foshee Road that scorched some 40 acres. With the help of local fire departments and volunteer fire departments, the fire was brought under control before reaching any homes.
Last, but certainly not least, Robert Watson was the subject of the week’s Profile section.
Robert was, and still is, one of the U. S. Postal Service’s most faithful. He is still delivering mail to many local homes and businesses, including The Brewton Standard.