Sanders trades nursing for banking

Published 4:59 pm Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Marsha Sanders is a young lady who is on her way to become a successful banker.
As the head teller at the Northside TrustMark, she supervises two other tellers
“I handle the day-to-day teller’s job and make sure that things are going as they should at the tellers’ desks,” Sanders said. “I haven’t always wanted to be in the banking business. but I am very happy here now.”
Sanders was born and raised in Castleberry, the middle child of the family. She attended Conecuh County Junior High School and finished high school in 1997 at Hillcrest High School. She said she was a typical student, playing basketball for a couple of years. She was a cheerleader for another couple of years.
After finishing high school, she entered Reid State Technical College in the nursing program.
“I realized after a couple of semesters that nursing was not for me,” Sanders said. “I just couldn’t handle the classes and hold down my job. I decided to switch my major to business because I was pretty good with figures and I could continue working. I was working at K-Mart and going to school at the same time.”
She worked at K-Mart as a cashier until it closed in 2000. She then took a job at Z-Tel Communications in Atmore where she stayed for about six years.
“I found work at TrustMark (then BankTrust) in 2006,” she said. “Although I live in Castleberry, I was making that trip to Atmore all the time working with Z-Tel.
“Working in Brewton and driving from Castleberry was a lot easier,” she said. “I did try another job but quickly made the decision to take myself back to the bank.
“I have worked for them now for about nine years,” she said. “I see myself being here for some time.”
When she started at TrustMark, she worked at the main office in downtown Brewton, but in 2013 she was sent to the northside branch where she works today.
“I think that someday I might want to move to Brewton, but right now I will stay in Castleberry, at least until I can afford a new place,” she said.
In the meantime, Sanders said she loves to shop for clothes when she has enough money. She is very involved in her church, The Church of the Living God in Castleberry.
“Things are going well right now,” she said. “The husband, home and family will all come along when the time is right.”

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