5 jailed for drugs

Published 4:56 pm Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The controlled substance “spice” led to the arrest of five East Brewton residents last week.
Chief Kenny Brazile said Chris Hosford, 29; Sonya Frazier, 31; Chad Hosford, 28; and David Beasley, 34, were first arrested after complaints were received about alleged drug activity at a Liles Street home.
“Officers were able to make an undercover buy at the home, and a search warrant was issued,” Brazile said.
Brazile said officers arrived at the home of Chris Hosford and Sonya Fraizer to find the group smoking spice.
Each was arrested and charged with possession of a controlled substance and possession of drug paraphernalia. Chris Hosford was also charged with distribution.
“While there, the opportunity arose to expand the investigation when another East Brewton resident traveled to the Hosford home in an attempt to sell another controlled substance,” Brazile said.
Arrested was 26-year-old Shawn Mealer for conspiracy to commit a controlled substance crime.
All were transported to the Escambia County Detention Center.
Brazile thanked residents for the information that led to the arrests.
“We want residents to know that all calls to the police department about the suspected use or sale of illegal narcotics is kept confidential and will be investigated,” he said.
Brazile said spice – or synthetic marijuana – remains the drug of choice for young people in East Brewton.
“What we are discovering is that it is easier to get than marijuana,” he said. “People still believe in the myth that spice is OK; that it’s not harmful to the body. That’s totally not true.
“Spice causes more harm than a lot of drugs on the market because you never know what chemicals are inside it,” he said.

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