Grimes’ column: Murder was top story

Published 4:55 pm Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Murder trials were in the news in February of 1990.
Edward Russell DuBose was on trial for the murder of 16 year-old Stephanie King, which took place in October of 1988. He was linked to the victim’s car, but blood tests were inconclusive. Later in the month, DuBose was found guilty of the crime and sentenced to the electric chair.
I remember the case because it was the talk of the town for months. That sort of crime just doesn’t take place in our community of Brewton. To be honest, I can’t remember if the sentence was ever carried out. I believe that he is still in prison and has come up for parole, but he was not released.
In other news, David Salter announced his plans to enter the political field running for the Escambia County Board of Education. For anyone who had children or grandchildren in W.S. Neal High School, they will remember him fondly.
The play, “Beauty and the Beast” was performed at Jefferson Davis Community College by the Birmingham Children’s Theatre. The Brewton Council of the Arts chose it as one of its seasonal performances.
Over the years the Brewton Council of the Arts has brought many good plays and performances for all ages. This is something that would not be part of our community if it were not for the Council.
Southern Normal School observed Founder’s Day. This school that began many years ago has been closed for several years, but there are still those who use the facility. When the school closed, it was bought by Alabama State University and is still being used by them to this day.
There were 13 people who had tested positive for HIV in Escambia County. Although we don’t hear as much about HIV and AIDS, it is still making an impact on people’s lives.
We at The Brewton Standard still print our annual special section of the newspaper and call it “Progress”. In checking the old newspapers, I found that it was once called “Perspective”. In 1990, the issue was ready for delivery to subscribers. That section is inserted in today’s paper.
An interesting development during those first months of 1990 was apparently a flurry of building and construction going on in the area. The area across the road from T.R. Miller High School, which had been covered in tall grasses and weeds, was being developed for new businesses. It was called Douglas Square with Wal-Mart and FoodFair being the anchor stores of the shopping center. At the same time, Harco and Quality Motors were being added to the North Brewton Shopping Center. In addition, improvements were made to two restaurants. It seemed like the town was exploding in every direction. Construction was underway to three-lane Douglas Avenue all the way north to Douglas Square, making a turning lane to improve the flow of traffic.
T.R. Miller High School was having its annual senior class play. The year’s performance was to be “Calamity Jane.”
Lastly, progress was made to finally get the construction going on the proposed YMCA which was to be located near the high school. Building plans were featured in the newspaper. This project has touched many people who live in our area. It’s hard to even remember Brewton without the YMCA and all the good that it has done.
All in all, it seems like the early part of 1990 was going pretty well.

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