Grimes’ column: Cops got her good

Published 7:58 am Wednesday, March 4, 2015

In March 1995, the Escambia County Commission met and voted to lower the speed limit to 45 mph on Appleton Road after previously setting it at 55 mph. Local residents protested the setting of 55 complaining that the speed limit being so high was causing more accidents along that stretch of highway.
This reminds me of when, several years ago, I was collecting for the newspaper and one of my stops was in Castleberry. I also had a stop at the Castleberry I-65 exit. One afternoon I was driving from the exit to Castleberry and got stopped for speeding. Now I know you have probably been caught in that area. It had the bad reputation of being a speed trap. I was not even in Castleberry when it happened but I was in the police jurisdiction. I had to pay a fine of $168 that afternoon, and boy did it hurt.
I later complained to my brother who worked for many years on highway construction. He told me that even though I thought the speed limit was 55 mph along that stretch of road, if it was not posted, the assumption was that it was set at 45 mph. Well, I am sorry, but I didn’t know that at the time. All I know is that the police chief who stopped me acted like I was supposed to pay for one of the new cells in the jail. Just in case you haven’t been stopped in Castleberry, you also need to watch out in Repton. Everybody I know has been stopped at least once in these places.
Although it doesn’t seem to have been that long ago, it was in 1995 that direct dialing to the medical center began. Up until that time, you had to go through a switchboard to reach the doctor’s office.
The Diamond service station on 31 south of Brewton was robbed by three people dressed in ski masks and one carrying a knife. The amount of money taken was no more than $50. Now that is a lot of risk to take for that small amount of loot. That is just a case of the stupidity of most crooks.
Martha Mantel resigned from her position of mayor for the town of Riverview after 14 years of service.
East Brewton City Council was having a clean up of old worn-out cars left to rust away in yards. Residents were given notice that they must be removed. This is a problem that happens all the time and I dare say it will continue.
Mayor Terry Clark of East Brewton gave a senior’s social dance to be held at the East Brewton Civic Center. Prizes were given to winners in several contests. From the photograph it looked as a fine time was had by all.
A thief walked into Brewton Elementary School and stole money from a teacher’s purse. The result of this pointed out the need to make some changes at the school. Everyone is supposed to enter and check in to the office before going into other parts of the school.
One interesting thing during this time frame was that IGA had a head of lettuce for 69 cents and smoked picnic ham was selling for 69 cents a pound. Bet you can’t find a bargain like that these days.