Grimes’ column: Time for honors and awards

Published 5:10 pm Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Ten years ago Kate Smith Lavelle, a Brewton native, was named Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of Dunkin Brand, Inc. the parent company of Dunkin Donuts, Baskin-Robbins and Togo’s. She is the daughter of the late Dr. Robert Smith and the late Emily Finlay Smith Wesley.
Another resident of Brewton who was recognized during this time was local artist, Clarence Stewart. Stewart was chosen the winner of the 2006 Alabama Waterfowl Stamp Art Contest. His painting of a Canvasback duck was to be on the 2006-2007 Alabama Waterfowl Stamp. This was not the first time Stewart had taken part in this contest. In previous years, he had placed in the top entrants, but this was his first time winning.
The tsunami of December 2004 was on the minds of some third grade students at Brewton Elementary School. Students from Kathy Weaver’s third grade class had been raising funds to send to the victims of the catastrophe through the Red Cross. Those of us who have been through a very bad storm have a lot of sympathy to those who are suffering throughout the world. Getting little children involved makes them more aware of how much they can help.
Spring and Summer sports were coming along nicely. There were stories of softball, golf and baseball. As I write this it is a beautiful day outside and just the kind of day when it would be nice to sit and watch a good game of ball. It seems that is the way it was ten years ago and kids were taking advantage of it.
Law enforcement determined that four out of 14 businesses checked had sold alcohol to minors. Even though it is illegal to sell to minors, it happens. Businesses are supposed to check identification but sometimes they slip through the cracks. It is always best to check and make sure before you sell to a minor. It might save your business to make sure.
District Attorney Steve Billy and his department were recognized by the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) for their investigation into dog versus hog rodeos.
People will find one way or another to have their “fun” but why involve animals who have no say in it?
Lisa Thomas, who has placed her focus on the poor and hungry for many years, was once again planning a long walk. She was organizing her planned walk to Washington to raise awareness for the elderly, tax laws, hunger and a two-year moratorium on the death penalty.
Lisa has one of the biggest hearts I know. She has been feeding students at Jefferson Davis Community College for several years, along with Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners She would later go on to win the Citizen of the Year award from the Greater Brewton Chamber of Commerce in 2014. She deserved it.
The Arts Council presented “Steel Magnolias” for the public giving all of us one more chance to love those characters. Would you believe that I know people who can recite the whole movie?
Ten years ago the RSVP was offering their tax assistance for the elderly just as they are this year. This is a service that has saved many elderly from having to pay an exorbitant fee to have their tax forms filled out. They do an excellent service in our area.
It was the time of the year for students to be working on their science project and Coal Jordan, a fourth grader at Brewton Elementary School had a display to show the effect of classical, rock ‘n’ roll and no music at all would have on the growth of the plants.
This reminds me of an incident many years ago. My mother-in-law always told us that flowers needed to be talked to. Talking or singing to plants would make them grow a lot better. I was at her house one day when my little nephew happened to be there. I heard him in the room where the flowers were being kept until the weather warmed up. He was talking to the plants okay. He told them all that Maw Maw loved them, but he didn’t. I thought I would die laughing at his serious little face.
Strong winds and low humidity were causing several forest fires in the area to spread. It was becoming a real problem.
Gas prices were “soaring” all the way up to $2.05 a gallon. That is about what it is running now and we have grown so accustomed to the price, we don’t think much about it.
And finally, the Chamber of Commerce named Yank Lovelace and Dr. Marsha Raulerson to be the Citizens of the Year.
It was a good choice. Both of them are still contributing to the well-being of the community. Yank Lovelace is the mayor of Brewton and Dr. Raulerson is still practicing as a pediatrician.

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