Brewton chosen as movie site

Published 6:00 am Wednesday, May 27, 2015

“Lights; camera; action” will soon be heard as a native woman announces plans to shoot a short film in Brewton.
The “Brewton homegrown and raised” Bea Woolen is known by her stage name, Bea W. Bliss, and is bringing her creative writing and directing talents to “Aborted Traffick” through her Atlanta-based company BWBliss Entertainment.
“I’m first and foremost an actress,” she said. “I’ve been very lucky in my career, and this project is my way of giving back.”
Over the last two years, Bliss said visits home highlighted the lack of opportunities in the creative arts field – namely acting.
“When I was coming up, we didn’t have a lot of resources for people like me who were interested in the arts,” she said. “A lot of times people feel like you have to go to Mobile, Atlanta or Louisiana where the films are. My film is my contribution so that maybe something bigger can come in the future.”
Bliss’ 45-minute short film follows three story lines that evolve after a local singer and his friend leave on a simple errand that turns into a rescue mission.
“When people hear the word ‘trafficking,’ the first thing that comes to mind in human trafficking,” Bliss said. “While this film touches on that, it’s not a dark film. There will be no nudity, no profanity. We do plan to present this at a number of film festivals.”
Bliss said at least 15 principal and supporting actors will be needed for the production. Auditions are set for Sat., June 6, from 9 a.m. until 1 p.m. at the Brewton Public Library.
“We need talent, so this is a great opportunity for anyone who has aspirations of acting,” Bliss said. “While I am specifically looking for 15, we will need a number of background performers, and we have the ability to amend the story and add characters if I see someone with a special talent.”
Bliss said this is the first of three projects set for filming in Brewton.
“Everyone at the city has been so supportive of this project,” Bliss said. “Connie Baggett has helped me throughout the year to get things set up, and Mayor Yank Lovelace has given the project his full blessing.
“When people ask me, ‘Why Brewton? What does it have to offer’ I say, ‘Let’s show them,’” she said. “I tell people that they need to come here. There is a lot of history here.
“Think about that little town in Illinois where they filmed the new Superman movie,” she said. “In the middle of nowhere, and now they have new life because of the film industry. I say, ‘Why can’t that be Brewton?’”
Actors will be notified within a week of audition of casting. Production will begin on July 10 and continue over three to four weekends.
“Post-production will take a few months, and we’re aiming for a public showing in October,” Bliss said. “Just in time for homecoming, I think.”
In addition to actors, make-up artists, hair stylists and production assistants are needed.
“We’re doing this on a limited budget,” Bliss said. “I am bringing a filming crew from Atlanta in, but we do need other volunteers. We also need locations. I need a large acre farm; two houses – one, a rural, older home and a second richer, more modern home. I need a hometown eatery and access to a medical facility like a doctor’s office or a hospital room.
Those who are interested in volunteering are encouraged to visit or to send a message via Facebook.

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