Grimes’ Looking Back column: Taking a look at 1965

Published 8:00 am Friday, June 5, 2015

The newspaper was filled with school happenings in the area during May of 1965.
Many were graduating and others were looking forward to summer activities.
Bill Lazenby had been hired to be the new band director at T.R. Miller High School.
Ground breaking ceremonies were held for Jefferson Davis Junior College.
There was a photograph of several students which included the first one to apply, Jerry Hawsey.
The others in the picture were Marshall Jackson, Alice Grantham, Catherine Finlay, Mike Dean, and college president, Woodfin Patterson,
I was thinking about this and was surprised to know that the college has been here for so long.
It would later be changed to be a community college.
We came to Brewton in 1966 and for some reason I don’t remember much about it being here.
Of course, I was new in town and had lots of things on my mind.
We bought our first home, one in which I still live, and my husband had been promoted to be the store manager for A&P.
Residents came before the Brewton City Council to discuss the possibility of changing the city limits to include the area directly to the north and west of the hospital.
This subdivision was known as Sherwood Forest.
Wow, things have really changed since then. Although Brewton has expanded in all directions, the northern area has at least doubled in size.
It may be even bigger now.
One thing never changes. Crooks still think they can beat the law. It was noted in the newspaper that two men had escaped from the jail.
They attacked Deputy Larson Locklin and jumped from the second story of the jail. One was caught by Locklin and the other was caught by the Brewfon Police Department within an hour.
I am not the smartest person in the world but even I would have known that was a stupid thing to do.The only thing they accomplished was to have more time added to their sentence.
As you know, I like to read old ads in the newspaper and see what things were selling for in the past.
I found several ads that caught my attention.
Kwik Chek was selling ground beef for $1 a pound while A&P had steak for $1 a pound. Carps Department Store was selling dresses for $5.99 up to $8.99.
It was also about the time that the new expansion to The Medical Center was being completed.
This was the Medical Center that used to be behind the hospital.
The addition was being done to allow more room at the center and also included offices for Dr. Fletcher Stuart who had only been in town for a few months.
In 1966, when we came to town, the Stuarts were our neighbors.
Back in those days there was a lot of interaction between the families that lived on Lynbrook Drive.
Most of us had small children and as that is a dead end street, they had a big playground.
At Christmas we all got together and had what we called a “progressive dinner” going from one house for one course and then to another for the next course.
The last course was always some kind of delicious dessert. At that time we all knew each other. It is sad to say that I don’t know all my neighbors anymore.
Our lives just got too busy.

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