Rabid raccoon found in area

Published 6:00 am Wednesday, June 24, 2015

A second rabid animal has been found in the area.
Casey Grant with the Escambia County Health Department said Friday a rabid raccoon was located in the Keego Community on June 15.
Case said public health officials are again urging residents to take “basic, but simple” precautions against rabies.
The warning comes after confirmation of the positive identification of a rabid fox earlier this month.
Both animals were found in residential areas, Grant said.
“Our biggest concern is that a rabid animal may come into contact with humans, their pets or livestock,” he said. “Precautions should be taken.”
Grant outlined the following:
• Do not allow pets to run loose; confine them within a fenced-in area or with a leash;
• Do not leave out uneaten pet food or scraps around your house;
• Avoid domestic and wild animals that are acting in an unusual manner;
• Teach children to stay away from animals that are hurt or unknown to them;
• Instruct children to avoid approaching any wild animal; and,
• Advise children to tell an adult if they are bitten or scratched by any animal.
Avoiding direct contact with wildlife is the primary protection from rabies, Grant said.
“In addition, vaccinating domesticated animals also reduces the risk of exposure to rabies,” he said. “Rabies vaccinations not only protects the animals from rabies, but it also helps protect the owners, family members and other pets as well.”
State law requires that all dogs, cats and ferrets must be kept current with rabies vaccinations.

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