Video Warehouse to close doors

Published 6:01 am Thursday, August 6, 2015

Video Warehouse in Brewton is closing its doors.
While no official date is known, store manager Sam Hunter said Thursday five people will be unemployed in September.
“All Video Warehouses are closing; it’s not just this one,” Hunter said of the Brewton store. ““With all of this stuff that’s going on, we don’t make the money like we used to.”
Now, the options to rent movies are plentiful. Red Boxes, which are located at Walmart, Walgreens and Tom Thumb gas station in Brewton, offer movie enthusiasts rental options at cheaper prices.
Additionally, internet streaming services such as NetFlix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Instant Video and other applications allow users to view movies on their game consoles, streaming devices, tablets or phones.
Hunter said the local movie store is selling its inventory from movies and video games to shelving.
“Our prices are changing all the time, but right now, movies are one for $7.95 or three for $20,” she said. “The older games are $14.95 each or three for $40. The newer games are $30 each or three for $75.
“Everything has got to go,” she said. “The shelves, too – they’re $25 each or five for $100.”

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