Brewton council unveils $26.9M budget

Published 6:00 am Thursday, August 13, 2015

The Brewton City Council unveiled a more than $26 million budget for the next fiscal year Monday.
City Clerk Steve Yuhasz said the city could end the 2016 fiscal year, which begins Oct. 1, with a surplus.
“This is solid-based, soundly funded budget,” Yuhasz said. “We used input and contribution from all department heads. We may have a few tweaks here and there, but I have optimism that (the surplus) will be better next year.”
Budgeted revenues are expected at $27.2 million, while expenses are expected at $26.9 million.
“That leaves a $236,108 surplus,” Yuhasz said.
During the process, Yuhasz said budgeted salary amounts were put inline with actuals and particular attention was paid to which department was responsible for which position.
“We had positions that were being paid for by other departments,” he said. “Those are now listed under the right departments and figures were used to make the budget numbers realistic.”
The new budget also allows for funds for the 2016 municipal election.
The majority of departments were funded with little changes.
Budget highlights include
• $57,000 for program management;
• $2.03 million for the police department;
• $939,000 for the fire department;
• $609,000 for community recreation;
• $1.145 million for public works; and,
• $18.1 million for the gas department.
The council is expected to adopt the budget at its next meeting.
In other business, the council also approved an on/off premise beer and table wine licenses for Swain’s Sandwich Shop and appropriated up to $50,000 to slag Jones Road.