Get in the spirit

Published 5:04 pm Tuesday, December 1, 2015

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In the spirit of Christmas in 1965, the post office announced a one time postage of 4 cents to mail Christmas cards. They also announced the extension of their work hours for the convenience of their customers.

Do you remember when stamps were only four cents? Fifty years ago, it seemed like a bargain in 1965. I do remember three cents stamps and one cent post cards.

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Winter weather had come to Brewton and temperatures were going lower every day. Lows were running in the high teens and low twenties, which were a little bit low for that time of year. It just goes to show, you can never tell what the weather will do.

Both city schools and county schools were given a one half day off from school so that teachers could attend a teacher’s meeting.

Officials were sad to report that one death in traffic had occurred over the Thanksgiving holiday. But, it could have been so much worse.

The new micro-wave tower was nearing completion on Highway 41 north of town to be used by the Bell Telephone System.

Trains were ordered to slow down as they come through Brewton due to work being done on the tracks.

We have a lot of trains coming through Brewton. When I moved here I could hear them all, but as time has passed, I hardly even notice them anymore. They don’t come through town at a rapid speed, but drivers still think they can beat the train. Don’t take a chance. That thing barreling down the tracks will always win in a “chicken” contest.

Mary Catherine Martin, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jim Martin, was honored with a fifth birthday party. Western wear was the clothing of choice and the party goers were taken to the Kirkland Road to ride the ponies at the Riddle farm.

Ownership of the old post office went to the county to be used as the home of the Escambia County Board of Education.

Chief Glen Holt issued warnings that the misuse of fireworks would not be tolerated during the holidays. The local laws would be enforced.

I never liked fireworks at Christmas. There were plenty of them around and my dad’s family really liked to make a lot of noise. A big piece of fireworks came in my direction when I was just a little girl and scared me half to death. I never liked them after that.

Danley Furniture was selling innerspring mattresses for $29.95 and a whole set of bedding could be had for $54.95. Boy that really has changed a lot. Find one for that price today.

Students from W.S. Neal participated in “Mail Call Viet Nam” and collected more than 100 Christmas cards to send to the service men in Vietnam.

Students were given a Christmas vacation from school from Dec. 17, to Jan. 3. I am sure they were happy about that.