Storms, robbers hit

Published 6:30 am Wednesday, December 9, 2015

In early December of 1990, the Brewton Municipal Airport was hit by a tornado which did damage but no one was hurt. One plane was crushed and three others were damaged. Dan Ewing, who was in charge of fixed wing operations said he heard a train-like howl just as he was headed out the door. He was thrown back when the door flew open. He got under the desk and “hoped for the best.”

From the way this was written made me wonder if it was a freakish storm because no other place seems to have been hit. Just the airplanes and a couple of trees were taken down. It could have been so much worse than it was.

A man robbed the Tom Thumb convenience store in north Brewton. He got only around $30 for his efforts. He came into the store carrying a large knife and threatened the clerk unless she emptied the cash drawer. Then Chief of Police (now Sheriff) Grover Smith said that it is the time of the year that this type of crime happens the most.

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It is too bad that Christmas is the time that brings out the worse in some people. One would think that it is the other way around.

The business Leon’s was bought by a Tuscaloosa store. The newspaper story said that the employees were staying here or could be transferred to another store. The employees were also going to be able to buy stock shares in the company according to the length of service. The story in the paper read that Emmett Thompson, manager of the Brewton store would be able to purchase more shares as he had been working there for 213 years.

Talk about an error. I had quite a chuckle when I read this one. If he had been there for 213 years, he should have gotten more than shares.

A local man, Boy Smith, turned 100 years old. He told his stories to the newspaper and he did have some good ones. He said he had lived a long time and worked hard all those years and he was ready to face the second hundred years.

Now that is a hearty spirit. We, in the office, were talking about the things we remember. I know that I am elderly, but even I was surprised at the things that I have seen over the years. We were telling about the time one could buy gasoline for  29 cents, a soft drink for a nickel, and even that fact that when one bought gasoline, they were given a glass, a plate or some other kind of incentive. I still have a whole set of glasses I got from the gas station for buying gas. Of course, with those cheaper prices, we were paid a lot less.

Santa, the big jolly fellow, made a visit to town and showed up in the Christmas parade. Of course all the little kids were very happy to see him. That has not changed much. This week, they will get another chance to see Santa in the parade.