Bring on new year

Published 5:00 am Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Christmas is almost upon us. Looking back it seems impossible that time has passed enough to be getting ready for a new year. I just got used to writing 2015 on my checks and now I have to start all over again.

Oh, well, just a couple more “Looking Backs,” and we will move up a year.

At the end of 2005, 10 years ago, three Grove Hill men were arrested for armed robbery after robbing a local title and loan business in Brewton.

At the time, there were not many title loans in Brewton, but that has certainly changed. It seems as if there is one on every corner. I guess robbers feel as if money can be stolen from them easier than a bank. I don’t know, but these three were caught.

The Escambia County Commissioners approved helping Flomaton to four-lane Hwy. 113 to the interstate. The idea had been tabled in a former meeting. In another road project, Appleton Road was to be closed after the first of the year while a bridge was being replaced.

I remember when this happened. I was having to travel that road every week and it was very inconvenient. Oh, well, the price of progress.

Neighbors banded together on Victory Street and Elrod Street in East Brewton to turn their streets into a magical scene of Christmas lights. It seemed as if each one tried to outdo the other, and it turned out great.

An announcement was in the newspaper that NORAD would be tracking Santa on his trip delivering toys. NORAD had been doing this for 50 years in 2005. I assume they are still taking care of that job.

The “Doors of Brewton,” the idea of Carol Gordy, made it all the way to Australia, And if you don’t remember the “Doors,” it was a calendar featuring the different doors to homes and businesses around the area. Someone saw it in Australia and used the idea in one of their own projects.

East Brewton police were looking for a suspect who dropped his bag of marijuana in Magnolia Super Foods. Manager Michael Scott said he had never seen anything like it. No one came forward and claimed the bag. I wonder why?

The newspaper had several stories about the holidays and the need for safety.

One thing I found interesting was the fact that the word Christmas was used a lot more than it is these days.

There was a story about Juanita Dawkins and her hobby of painting. She used the most unusual things such as saw blades and trays as her canvas. She is a very talented painter and one of her pieces is in the Ridge Road Baptist Church.