Citizens made news

Published 5:00 am Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Thirty years ago in 1985, Stephanie Walker was selected to be the Citizen of the Year by the Brewton Chamber of Commerce. She was shown in the newspaper with her small daughter, Leigh, standing by her side.

There was a story on the old well that is located at the crossroads of county roads 71 and 69 in the community of Damascus. The well is not sitting to the side of the road, but is right “smack dab” in the middle of the roads.

No one seems to know how long the well has been there, but it has been a long time. I guess it was used by people passing by. One man even rigged up a line to direct water onto his property, I guess for irrigation.  It’s an oddity but the people in that area have grown accustomed to seeing it there. According to the article, there was a historical marker placed there. If anyone has any information, I would love to have it. If I hear from any of you who know the well and its function, i will pass the information along.

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There was information in the newspaper stating that there was an area threat on those who suffered from allergies and hay fever.

This is a problem that we here in this area face every day. When I first came to live in Brewton, I stayed sick all the time. Dr. Hayes told me that this was the worst place he knew for someone to live who had allergies. I eventually had to see an allergist in Pensacola and get shots for years. Of course, that was long before you could get all of the treatment here at home.

Another article in the paper was about a young man who was injured in a wreck and was in a coma for more than two months before waking up. Now, that has to have been a miracle.

Bids were awarded for the building of a new bridge across Burnt Corn Creek.

In the political arena, Mayor Ted Jennings threw his hat into the ring to be considered for the position of president of Jefferson Davis Junior College.

How many of you are familiar with QVC? I bet many of you are. Well, I found an article in the newspaper that stated that QVC was in Mobile looking for people to bring their ideas in to be considered to be on the shopping channel.

A  terrible accident south of Evergreen resulted in the death of seven people, including some from Castleberry.