BPD helps nab Greenville robbery suspects

Published 10:04 am Friday, April 1, 2016

Two suspects in a Greenville armed robbery were taken into custody Wednesday night at a Brewton hotel.

DeAnthony Covan, 20, and Jacqueline Finn, 18, both of Birmingham, are now facing a first-degree robbery charge in connection with the early morning robbery of Baymount Inn.





Authorities said Covan allegedly entered the inn’s lobby with his face covered by a black scarf, brandishing a handgun and demanded money from the clerk.

Cowan then exited the building with what was in the cash drawn, said Capt. Justin Lovvorn, commander of the Greenville Police Department’s Criminal Investigations Division.

Following a 911 call, officers responded within seconds, set up a perimeter and attempted to locate any suspects in the area; however, the search proved unsuccessful, Lovvorn said.

Authorities then issued an all point bulletin for the suspects. Within an hour, a hotel manager in Evergreen notified police that the suspects were staying in his hotel; however, when Evergreen police officers responded to the hotel, but the suspects had already left the area.

“I responded to the Evergreen hotel and collected more evidence at that location to link the suspect to the robbery in Greenville,” Lovvorn said. “I was also able to locate a tag number and vehicle description for the suspects’ vehicle by interviewing witnesses around the Evergreen hotel.”

The vehicle was later located at a hotel in Brewton.

Lovvorn said he and his department then worked with the BPD’s Special Response Team and patrol officers to safely clear civilians from the hotel rooms surrounding the suspects’ room.

Law enforcement was then able to take Covan and Finn into custody without incident.

A search of the couple’s belongings and vehicle revealed the gun used in the robbery, Lovvorn said.

“Closer examination of the gun revealed that it was a BB/pellet pistol that was made to look real,” he said.

Most of the money from the robbery was also found with the suspects’ belongings, he said.

Lovvorn said when confronted with the evidence, both suspects gave a full confession. Both are now being held in the Butler County Correctional Facility.

“I’d like to thank the Brewton Police Department, as well as the Evergreen Police Department, for going above and beyond to help our department with this case and assisting our investigator while in their jurisdiction,” said Chief Lonzo Ingram.

“It is a wonderful example of law enforcement working together for the greater good of the public and their safety,” he said. “Because of this combined effort, a dangerous criminal was able to be taken off the streets without any further incident.”