Bombs, art and more

Published 5:00 am Wednesday, April 20, 2016

In 1986 the headline on the front page of The Brewton Standard was all about the preemptive strike bombing of Libya. People on the street were asked their opinion of the bombing.

Most people believed that President Ronald Reagan made the right decision when he called for the strike on Libya because of its tie-in with terrorist groups.

I don’t condone the use of force unless it is absolutely necessary but in this case, and the advantage of looking back 30 years, it was probably the right thing to do. Maybe if the problem had been dealt with earlier, we might not be looking over our shoulders now. But that’s my opinion.

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Deputy Wilcoxin, along with two trustees, were stabbed and cut with a razor by an inmate during a disturbance at the county jail. It took 42 stitches to his back from the cuts he received.

The works were under way to bring a YMCA to Brewton. The newspaper ran a series of articles taking questions and getting them answered about the Y.

Thirty years ago – wow, it doesn’t seem that the Y has been here that long.

A Brewton Standard editorial was praised when editor Joe Thomas wrote about cleaning up the city to get it ready to welcome artists to Brewton for the sixth annual Brewton Invitational Art Show (BIAS).

Do you remember those shows? They were held on the campus of T.R. Miller High School and drew crowds of visitors to the area. The show was considered a success. One of those artists was my cousin and childhood friend. She and her husband stayed with us and it gave us the chance to spend time together. Another artist that always showed up was Jack Deloney. I went to school with Jack and so I was able to visit with him too. Imagine my surprise when I attended my family reunion last year and ran into Jack. It seems that he was dating another cousin. It is a small world.

Southern Normal School celebrated its 75th anniversary. The school that opened its doors in 1911 saw many students come through its doors in the preceding 75 years.

Captain C.P. Riddle retired from the Brewton Police Department after 28 years.

Bluegrass music artists Bill Monroe and Jim and Jessie and the Virginia Boys were to perform at Jefferson Davis Junior College on April 24 at Woodfin Patterson Auditorium.

Now I know there are many who will remember those names, specially those who love bluegrass music. I, unfortunately, never have liked it, but that’s just me.

There was a Looking Back in the newspaper 30 years ago looking back to 1946 that reported that housewives were facing a meat rationing and butchers were to kill only as much beef and pork as they did in May of 1944.

I have heard my parents talk a lot about food rationing during WWII, but I really don’t remember it. I can remember helping my brother to gather scrap metal to be used in the war effort. My, that was a long time ago.