Thief, crashes news

Published 8:00 am Wednesday, May 4, 2016

I found several stories in The Brewton Standard 50 years ago in 1966 that were interesting. An armed robber went into Johnson Jewelry here in Brewton and left with a sum of money and checks. He was later apprehended in Abbeville when he attempted to rob the Western Union office. During the robbery in Brewton, an unsuspecting customer happened by the store. The clerk was afraid to say anything to Mrs. W. H. Horton who stopped by to look at some watches. She was afraid that the man would shoot one or both of them.

I found two wonderfully good prices on items when I found that Brewton Fashions were selling capri pants for $4 and shell blouses for $3. But, the very best bargain was that for a period of 72 hours, Goodyear had tires for $6.95. There has been a horrible markup on those.

A group of students from Auburn University were touring T.R. Miller Mill and a new science lab had been opened at JDCC.

Candidates were on the last leg of their journey to the election. They were all pulling out the stops right down to the wire. One of them had some bad luck when he was seriously injured in a car wreck. “Boots” Teal Jr., tax accessor candidate, was driving near Pollard when his pickup left the road and hit the end of a bridge. He was expected to be OK, but he did have to be taken to Pensacola.

A meeting was held at First Presbyterian Church by a group of people interested in starting a teen center after a letter was written to the editor at The Brewton Standard. So, you see, 50 years ago, the same problem faced the city – somewhere for the kids to go.

I found an article telling about things that happened 25 years before which would be 75 years. Are you completely confused? This would have been in 1941. The movie that was showing at The Ritz was “This Thing Called Love” starring Rosiland Russell and Melvyn Douglas. The sad thing is, I remember them as movie stars, but even I did not see the movie as I was less than a year old.

Two students at T.R. Miller High School noticed something a little off in front of the courthouse. It turns out that the flag was flying upside down. The students reported it and the flag was changed. Opps!

Lastly, Hugh Fountain was running for tax collector and there was a photograph of him and his family. There were Kay, Gayle, Scott, Hugh, Little Hugh and Kim. Just let me say they have changed a little bit.