Hometown team stories needed

Published 9:21 am Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Hometown Teams Brewton is rapidly approaching, and the search is on for more sports stories.

The exhibit, which is part of a traveling Smithsonian exhibit, will feature the tales of what and how sports in our community made history.

Organizers said help in getting the best stories told is needed. The opportunity is open to young and old alike.

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“Students, please grab your cell phones and sit down with your parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents or neighbors to get their recollections of high school sports in Brewton and East Brewton,” said Brewton’s director of program management Connie Baggie. “We want to upload those videos for everyone to enjoy.”

Participants are encouraged to upload videos to Facebook and hashtag #hometownteamsbrewton.

For those who need help in prompting dialogue, ask these questions:

• What high school did you attend?
• Did you play sports, cheerlead or play in the marching band? What sport or instrument?
• What did you hate about it? What did you love about it?
• Who was your coach/sponsor/band director?
• Describe what games were like.
• What is the most memorable game for you? Why? Tell me about the game and what made it special.
• Who were your best friends?

The exhibit will open downtown on June 10.