Relay, awards heard

Published 9:00 am Wednesday, May 25, 2016

You know, it seems like 1996 was just yesterday, but it was 20 years ago.

Stories in The Brewton Standard were not attention grabbers, but there were things happening in and around the area.

Those in charge of Relay for Life ann-ounced that $28,000 had been raised for cancer research. Bank of Brewton had collected the most at $5,000.

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I remember several Relays but it seems as if it is not as active as it used to be. Let us hope that comes from my forgetful nature. It is indeed a worthy cause and should be supported as much as possible. Not too long ago, it was brought home to me just how important cancer research is, when I had to have a third mammogram. It’s the first time I have ever had to have a repeat of the test and I spent a couple of scary minutes while the doctor read the scans. I am OK, but still have to return to have it redone in six months. So, if you are approached about contributing to Relay, put a few dollars into the collection.

As I was thinking about cancer and its dangers, I read in the 1996 paper that a barrel of chemicals was found by the side of Alabama Hwy. 41, south of the bridge at Riverview. No one had taken the responsibility for it being there. As if we don’t have enough carcinogens in our environment.

It was announced that Jefferson Davis Community College had received some new equipment to be used by disabled students in the pottery class taught by Larry Manning. JDCC is the only school in the state to have this equipment.

Johnny Folsom, former band director at T.R. Miller High School was named “Alumnus of the Year” by Troy State University and Dept. of Music.

Most of you will remember him and his many years of leading the Miller band to much success.

Dr. Marsha Raulerson and Dr. Dan Raulerson broke ground for a new child care center to be constructed on Belleville Ave., which was to be named “Noah’s Ark.”

The East Brewton SAIL site members had an Easter bonnet contest. There was a photograph in the newspaper showing East Brewton Mayor Terry Clark presenting a trophy to the winner, T.J. Grantham. Both of them looked lovely in their bonnets.

It was announced that the Brewton National Guard had been put on alert and might have to go to Bosnia as part of “Operation Joint Endeavor.”