Did you know?

Published 9:00 am Wednesday, June 1, 2016

It seems such a short time ago that we were living in 1986. Thirty years ago I found any number of interesting things in the newspaper.

An argument between friends turned ugly  leaving one person dead and another who had to be taken to Pensacola. All this happened at a place called McCall Beach. Do you know where that is? I must confess I don’t. The only beach around here that I know anything about is the old Bonnie Beach. Help me out with this one.

Mayors Ray Sherer (Brewton) and Lovelace Parker (East Brewton) joined the cities together to raise funds for the proposed YMCA.

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Buddy Mitchell was appointed state finance director. Buddy was the son of Fred and Sybil Mitchell. Most of you will remember them.

Brewton Police Chief Glenn Holt made a bold move after a rash of burglaries took place at the Brewton Middle School. He placed officers in the school building to lay in-wait to catch the thieves after two straight nights of break-ins. Sure enough, they were able to nab the culprits. Two adults and seven juveniles were caught and arrested. Good job, Chief.

The City of Brewton entered into an agreement with the Army Corps of Engineers in regard to a flood control for Burnt Corn and Murder Creeks.

Two people were killed in East Brewton while riding a motorcycle. The driver lost control of the bike and drove into a bridge abutment.

The Department of Pensions and Securities was renamed to become what is today known as the Department of Human Resources, (DHR).

It was announced that the community of Appleton was to get a new water system.

The rest of what I read in the 1986 newspaper was all about the end of the school year and the hoopla surrounding it. I had a senior that year and I enjoyed looking at the photographs of all the kids in his class. In fact, another co-worker and I got a kick out of them. He got a chance to see  some of the graduation photos of Thad Moore, Yancey Jernigan, Eric Coale, Jimbo Hart, Kevin Ladnier, Chip Peach, Andy Harp and so many more. Most of them have taken their places in society. There are many others that I have lost track of.

Imagine my surprise to turn a page in the paper and see my own photo staring back at me. I had made a T.R. Miller school quilt to commemorate my son’s sports activities while he was in high school. The newspaper had taken a photo and put it into that issue. It brought back fond memories of that time.