Happy b-day to me

Published 8:00 am Wednesday, June 15, 2016

This week I focused again on 50 years ago, in June of 1966. It seems like so long ago, but in reality, it hasn’t been so long at all. I will be 76 years old the last day of June, and when I write it, it seems like a terribly long time.

Fifty years ago, The Brewton Standard newspaper had several stories that were interesting.

I think the most interesting to me was the birth of triplets at D.W. McMillan Hospital. Two boys and one girl were born to Mr. and Mrs. John Walter Wood Sr. After the birth of the first boy, a son was born to Mr. and Mrs. John Walter Wood Jr. Then the other boy and a girl was born to the older Wood family. Here is the kicker in this story. All four babies were delivered by the same doctor. The doctor’s name was not in the article, but I bet he never forgot the event.

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There were a couple of interesting photographs on one front page of the paper. One was of the T.R. Miller baseball team. The uniform at the time was mostly short shorts and t-shirts, some with torn out sleeves.

When I saw that picture, the first thing I thought of was Donnie Rotch. For those who possibly don’t know, he was a coach before he was a school principal. Back in the days when he was coaching baseball at T.R. Miller, he was most particular as to how the boys dressed, from the cap down to the cleats on their shoes. Woe to any player who was not dressed properly when he hit the field. He would not have had them dress as the way they were in the photograph.

Another picture on the front page was captioned, “Nearly everyone came to vote today.” The photo showed a horse and a two-wheel cart was parked by the side of the road.

There was talk of opening a teen center in the old Methodist parsonage through the summer vacation months.

T.R. Miller had 68 seniors and they held their senior play, which was “Cheaper by the Dozen.”

A cemetery on Kirkland Road was vandalized for the second time in the past year. Every time I hear of something like this, it makes me very upset. Most of the time it is done by youngsters and they have no concept of the harm, both emotionally and physically, they cause by their actions in situations such as this.

Lastly, there was an advertisement for the People’s Motor Company that was just a sign of the times. They had a “Blizzard Sale.” It was so named because it was so hot outside, but inside the dealership, everything was nice and cool. Some of you may not remember the days when air conditioning was a thing of the future.

What were you doing 50 years ago?