Brewton Fire Department saves day

Published 5:00 am Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Corey Williams | The Brewton Standard Firefighters the blaze.

Corey Williams | The Brewton Standard
Firefighters put out the blaze.

An Alaskan group is praising the Brewton community after their RV caught fire Monday.

Belinda Finocchiaro and her group were crossing the Murder Creek bridge when they heard a loud explosion come from the front of the convoy. The group’s Facebook page stated they were traveling through the area from Ninilchuk, Alaska, to Milton, Fla., in an expedition they entitled “Junk’n It To The Land of Midnight Sun.”

“When we finally got them pulled over, it turned out the tire exploded, and for unknown reasons, it caught fire,” she said.

While the family was able to joke about the incident, they had nothing but praise for local first responders and residents.

“Thankfully, the heroes from Station No. 494 saved what would have been absolutely disastrous,” she said. “The townspeople of Brewton, Ala., are the most gracious people we have ever met. They offered us food, water, a place to stay; had a prayer circle and even offered to take us to lunch. We were very fortunate.”