It’s time to save our children

Published 9:00 am Wednesday, July 13, 2016

There are wars, but how can we target one particular war in Brewton? This war is not fought with weapons, but with concerned parents and citizens.

This war is the war on drugs in Brewton. There is not a particular identity to focus on. We as concerned citizens must intervene.

There concern is not black, white, rich or poor. There is nothing sadder than to see young children on drugs and being used as a drug mule. There is nothing more terrifying and devastating than seeing children you have known all their lives now on drugs.

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I am speaking of teenagers that are being encouraged by adults to distribute drugs. These children are targeted because of their age and innocence. This war is not a fight of separation; it’s a fight for unity.

Citizens of Brewton must get control of our children. Drugs are not a secret; we must speak up and speak out loud. We cannot protect our children if we know they are using drugs.

There is no shame. The shame comes when we do nothing. Let’s not think it’s the other child, because it could be your child. As parents we are not helping our children by sending them away to live with relatives. This problem should be resolved where it began.

No parent wants to see their child walking the street engaging in criminal activities. These children are being told its “Okay” to smoke marijuana, that it’s earthly, improves concentration and you cannot get addicted if you don’t use it for 21 days.

Yes, God created the plant but not to be misused in the destructive way it is today.Should a herd of cows graze on briars? God created that plant also.

Pay attention to your child’s behavior. Stop protecting the parasite that’s destroying our children and pulling them out of a constructive home environment to the streets. Your child will stop depending on you, parents, and start depending on drug dealers.

Some parents are intimidated by their children. They fear not seeing them. They fear of standing up to them is heartbreaking. We cannot allow these street pharmacy parasites to take our children. They have the right to grow up without a felony record, probation or parole.

You are not protecting you children by denying their problem. You are protecting the one that supports the problem.


Gail McNeal

Brewton Resident