Waving the flag together

Published 9:00 am Wednesday, July 20, 2016

In July of 1991 the news was about the return of members of the 638th Ordinance Maintenance Company of the Alabama National Guard from Saudi Arabia. Around 70 members were expected to arrive in Fort Rucker about the middle of July. Plans were put into action as the town prepared to celebrate the return. Yellow Ribbons were everywhere; on oak trees, pine trees, fences and anywhere they would go. The support group for the soldiers had been very active during the past eight months. The yellow ribbons were draped all over the armory on Douglas Avenue (now the site of Brewton City Hall). Along with city officials, a celebration and welcome home was planned for the day they reached Brewton.

On the day the soldiers rolled into Brewton the buses were more than an hour late, but the 3,000 people who had gathered at Brewton City Park were very patient and put up with soaring temperatures waiting for the arrival.

The celebration was full of hugs and kisses between the returnees and their families.

The soldiers were given a real hero’s welcome home. The Brewton Standard was full of photos of happy reunions. Little did we know that within just a few years, those same people were to be called upon to return to the Middle East.

In other news, an Oregon man was killed when he fell out of a pickup near Damascas. The vehicle was driven by a woman who was intoxicated and charges were filed against her.

When will people learn the terrible things that they do affect so many others. I, personally don’t drink alcohol, but for those who do, I wish they wouldn’t take to the highways to do it.

A healthcare nurse just happened to come by at the right time to see her patient and had to rescue him from a fire. Nurse Barbara Hughes went by to check on her patient and when no one came to the door, she went into the house and found the man. She had to get him into his wheelchair and push him through a couple of rooms to get out of the house. She said that the man encouraged her all during the struggle to get him outside. The man’s wife had just stepped out for a few minutes and was not there when the fire occurred.

It was noted in The Brewton Standard that farmers were looking to the sky for relief from the hot and dry weather.

There was a feature story about Essie Mae Ellis, who had been a student at Southern Normal School and graduated in 1929. She actually went  to school under the teaching of the school founder. James Dooley. I would certainly have loved to talk to her.

Last, but certainly not least was the Escambia County School Board’s decision to close North Brewton School. There was a lot of protest at the council meeting, but we all know how that ended.