Talent plus effort equals success

Published 12:00 pm Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Have your heard anyone say that an individual is a natural teacher or has a natural gift for teaching?

Although meant as a compliment, it fails to give credit for how difficult it is to be a great teacher. Good teaching, the kind found in most of our classrooms, is incredibly hard work.  It is physically, intellectually and emotionally demanding.

A good teacher’s day usually starts early.  They spend the majority of the day on their feet, moving from kid to kid, listening, applauding and helping.  There may be few or no bathroom breaks!  In their few minutes of planning time, good teachers communicate with parents and collaborate with colleagues.  They often leave late in the afternoon packing a bag filled with the evening’s work, and Sunday afternoons are frequently devoted to the next week’s planning.

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The intellectual demands on a teacher are equally demanding. With a continually evolving curriculum, the knowledge base specific to high-quality instruction constantly grows. New technology emerges daily. The expectations for teaching varied learning styles and levels are ever increasing.

With all that is expected of teachers, it is a wonder that people still choose teaching as a profession. Yet in our community, we are staffed with great teachers who embrace the challenges of the profession and typify what a great teacher should be.  They may possess wonderful talents, but they also work extremely hard to insure the success of their students.

As we prepare to send your children back to school, we can do so with great confidence in the talented and hard working teachers that eagerly await their arrival.

Dr. Kenneth Varner serves as school superintendent to the Brewton City Schools System.

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Dr. Varner currently serves as Superintendent of Brewton City Schools.

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