Blind, but now I see

Published 5:30 am Wednesday, August 24, 2016

A woman one county over had been blind for 19 years. But not now – now, she sees.

It’s the truth. I have met her seeing-eye dog and marveled at the woman who did not let her disability dampen her enthusiasm for life during my time as a Lions Club member.

A graduate of Auburn University, she is a perfect spokesperson for the civic organization that champions for those who are vision and hearing impaired.

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You were just as likely to see her board the county transit bus to travel from her country home to the city for the club’s weekly lunch meetings. You were just as likely to read about her travels boarding the plane to speak at far off locales on her experiences as a blind person.

A few years ago, she told me how excited she was for the new smart phones. With a touch of the button, she could give voice to her thoughts by simply speaking into the phone. Social media opened up a whole new world of connections.

And, boy, do I love her Facebook posts, but none touched me more than when I read that the results of a recent surgery means she is slowly regaining her sight.

As she talked about the vividness of color and her feelings at reading her first word in 19 years (“sky” for those who were curious) it made me realize how much we take for granted in our lives.

Each night before bed, I pray that God keeps my children safe, healthy and happy and I thank Him for all the things he has given me and all the things He hasn’t because I know it’s all part of a greater plan.

But stories like Wanda’s make me realize that we all need to slow down and take the time to be truly thankful for what we have and marvel at this thing we call “life.”