Farmers, speeders oh my!

Published 8:00 am Wednesday, August 31, 2016

There was a lot of discussion at the Brewton City Council meeting about the location that local farmers could use to sell their produce. On one hand, they only had to pay a $1 fee to set up and sell their items while a produce market nearby was required to buy a license of more than $200 to be in business. An area at the end of the Murder Creek bridge was set aside for the farmers to use. Questions are still raised today, 15 years after this article appeared in The Brewton Standard in 2001.

A teen from Century, Fla. who was arrested and charged with killing another teen was found guilty of manslaughter. This is so sad. It just goes to show that one minute out of a person’s life can ruin the rest of his life.

Ir was a busy few days for members of the Brewton Police Department. They arrested several people who were charged with theft and at least one home invasion.

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Escambia County deputies were also busy. On a recent roadblock they issued 21 citations for speeding and 26 warnings were handed out. They were getting ready to put out some more check points to remind everyone that they needed to obey the driving laws, especially with Labor Day fast approaching.

A train traveling through Brewton was the scene of yet another confrontation between an 18-wheeler and a train engine. Thankfully there were only minor damages, but, as I have said so many times, you cannot take on a train and hope to win. Obey those laws and you stand a better chance of living longer.

Leaders from Brewton, East Brewton and Riverview were given a tour of Whiting Field and learned more about the connection between it and the Brewton Municipal Airport.

Catherine Crosby of Brewton, was crowned Miss Painted Rock. She would later go on to become Miss Alabama.

Roadwork was underway on U.S. 31, north of Tiger Drive to widen the road to three lanes giving a turning lane. It helps a lot these days but traffic is still terrible at particular times of the day.

Lovelace Parker of East Brewton was featured in The Brewton Standard’s Profile. He was the owner and operator of, what is now Piggly Wiggly.

This article was done not too long before Parker sold the old grocery store and retired. As it happens, my husband came out of retirement to take on the grocery store. He ran it until his health got too bad for him to work.

Lastly, Governor Don Siegelman was visiting in Brewton to attend a function to recognize Rev. Dr. H.K. Matthews. He also attended a luncheon at Brewton Motor Inn.