Legacy game set for Oct. 7

Published 7:00 am Wednesday, September 21, 2016

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File photo

This year the T.R. Miller Tigers will again take the field in the Legacy Game to make the lives of local cancer patients better during their time of need.

Set for homecoming day Oct. 7, Tiger football players and cheerleaders are now accepting donations in honor or memory of those impacted by cancer. Proceeds of the fundraiser will be used by the Yancey Jernigan Foundation.

Emmie Jernigan established the foundation in her husband’s name after his July 2011 death from bile duct cancer. At 42, he lived for 15 months with the disease, and the family learned firsthand the difficulties of coping financially with cancer.

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The foundation provides limited financial support for medicine and pharmacy costs, helps with hotel rooms and transportation costs as well as research funding for doctors. As the foundation grows, Jernigan said. Last year’s Legacy Game raised nearly $20,000 for the foundation.

“Each one of the players and the cheerleaders are playing a person who has been affected by cancer,” Jernigan said. The players will be wearing jerseys of their chosen representative that Friday night, she said. “That person can be someone who has passed away because of cancer, someone who has had cancer and recovered from it, or someone who presently has cancer, because that is, obviously, what the Jernigan Foundation deals with.”

Helping to sponsor the event is Peach Chevrolet. Chip Peach was the late Jernigan’s best friend.

“To be able to provide these jerseys in honor of a man who was just so humble, is humbling to me,” Peach said. “This foundation provides a valuable service to those who need it the most, when they need it the most. We’re happy to help.”

Jernigan said she is especially glad that the Tigers will host the Flomaton Hurricanes the night of the game.

“The foundation services people countywide, and even though we’ve been around for a while, many people don’t know what we offer,” Jernigan said. “This is a new set of eyes to watch this moving tribute. When you look at the names on the back of those jerseys, it’s amazing to see the number of people affected by cancer. And it’s exciting for our TRM students to know they can make a difference in someone’s life.”

The night’s honorees and their sponsoring player and cheerleader are: 


  • Logan Bush in memory of Dan Dozier
  • Matt Smith in honor of Marsha Coleman
  • Caleb Winton in memory of Ellen Marie Haynes
  • JoJo Booker in honor of Burns Blackwell
  • Joshua Winton in honor of Joe Weaver
  • Matthew Morgan in honor of Jamie Manning
  • Jamal Duggans in memory of Franksean Collins
  • Stokes Jennings in honor of Cosby Martin
  • Chino Fernandez in honor of Lula Williams
  • Toby Jenkins in memory of Willie Porter
  • James David Hartin in honor of Vivian Layton
  • Landon Sims in memory of Donnie Sims
  • Joshua Jolly in honor of Lawrence Jolly, Sr.
  • Timmonte Bailey in memory of Jack Bailey
  • Darius Williams in honor of Quintella Williams
  • Christian Bradley in memory of Gwendolyn Bradley
  • Demarquis McMillan in memory of Lavon Askew
  • Michael Campbell in honor of Debra Campbell
  • Mason Harrell in honor of Khai Davidson
  • Cody Hall in memory of Clarence Hall
  • Colbi Godwin in memory of Craig Boyd
  • Alex Walker in memory of Stella Maye Drakeford
  • Kristian Smith in honor of Bethany Whiting
  • Tyrese Nicholson in memory of Mencile Hubbar
  • McGowin Bethea in memory of Philippa Hamilton
  • Jalen Walker in memory of Dorothy Davidson
  • Jadeyn Crosby in honor of K. Crosby
  • Henry Davison in memory of Sandra Tee McWilliams
  • Todd Watson in memory of Paul King
  • Joseph O’Dell in memory of Calvin Powell
  • Jordan Steele in memory of Vernaray Steele
  • Tyler Baxter in honor of Doug Baxter
  • JoJo Nance in memory of Leo Nance
  • Christopher Noble in memory of Hudson Steele
  • Dylan Maxwell in honor of Rocky Maxwell
  • Uriel Johnson in honor of Donnie Fountain
  • Trentez Johnson in honor of Robert Green
  • Jachai Ellis in memory of Lonnie Askew
  • Preston Townson in memory of Elena Williams
  • Jake Whitworth in honor of Jim Peach
  • Preston Hassell in memory of Harriet Salter
  • Landon Qualls in honor of Lyndon Padgett
  • Ty Lett in memory of Charlie Lett, Sr.
  • Kentrail Howard in honor of Jerrell Fountain
  • Brandon Smith in memory of Judy Smith
  • Daniel Samuel in honor of Dorothy Samuel
  • Tise Berrey in honor of Jan Miller
  • Lyon Jernigan in memory of Yancey Jernigan IV
  • Fatu Berrey in memory of Dr. Terry Parker
  • Uri Lowe in memory of Wayne Frazier
  • Jon Jeter in honor of Carol Cook
  • Draper Minnifield in honor of Mary Avant
  • Aaron Nicholson in memory of Jackie Nicholson
  • Isaac Smith in honor of Shirley Jerkins
  • Ian Jossey in honor of Carolyn Daye
  • Jatavius Walker in memory of Jean McDaniel
  • Jared Baker in memory of Bessie Johnson
  • Kardarius Jenkins in memory of Archie Ball
  • Hayden Atkinson in memory of Deb Watts
  • Thaddeus Betts in honor of Juanita Betts
  • Caleb Whitworth in honor of Sylvia Peach


  • Mary Madison Brown in memory of Burgess Owens
  • Madison Douglas in honor of Johnny Hutchins
  • Payton Baxter in honor of Doug Baxter
  • Hannah Lisenby in honor of Rebecca Goff
  • Tori Sims in honor of Lisa Burgess
  • Khadejah Askew in honor of Martina Watts
  • Anna Kate Brittain in honor of Carl Brittain
  • Mallori Floyd in memory of Shirley Wood
  • Tori Knapp in honor Katie Dreadin
  • Grace Ruzic in honor of Bob McMillan
  • Mary Allison Peace in honor of Allison Nalty
  • Caitlyn Smith in honor of Shea Smith

For more information about the game, to donate or Foundation services, contact Jernigan at 251-363-0213.