School, K-Mart makes news

Published 8:00 am Wednesday, September 28, 2016

When I started to look at the old newspapers for material, I found a story in  an August 1976 newspaper that I thought was worth remembering.

The old school building on Belleville Ave. was in the midst of demolition. What had served students for a school for a long time, was being torn down to make way for a new elementary school. The old building was located on the same block as Brewton Elementary School except it faced Belleville.

A Brewton man, Willie Edward Smith, was killed when his car stalled on the railroad crossing near Southern Normal School. His wife and children were able to get out of the car but he did not.

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Mary Kay Coale of Brewton, was named Escambia County Maid of Cotton.

Remember K-Mart? It was still in business  in Brewton 40 years ago. It was still offering great prices on back-to-school items.

Peach Ford was to sponsor the Punt, Pass and Kick contest and the winners would move on to Montgomery for an additional competition.

I became a customer of cable in its earliest stage in Brewton. I had recently lived for a time in California in the high desert area of Mojave. Out there you had no reception for television because of the mountains. We had to use cable while we lived there and I remember when I saw that cable was coming to Brewton, I jumped on it.

In 1976, the name of the cable company here in our area was called Cablevision. In September of 1976 they ran an ad in The Brewton Standard and they offered 10 channels for $7.77 a month. Although we now receive a lot more channels and pay a lot more, many of us have been faithful customers since those early days.

Dr. Joe Terrell won first place in the annual Labor Day golf tournament with a score of 109. There had to be a play-off between the doctor and Ray Turner.

Blouses were advertised in the paper for sale at $3 each.

There was a nice photograph of Debi Lester and Randall Pugh at their wedding. Debi used to work at the newspaper office and now she works in the Brewton Chamber of Commerce.

James Johnson, a local artist, had a large spread of his art work made up of bits and pieces of wood he picked up along the way.

The new Brewton utility building was completed on St. Nicholas Ave. next to the Brewton Fire Department.