Budget, ball games galore

Published 9:00 am Wednesday, October 12, 2016

It seems as if it happened yesterday, but the ramifications of the terrorist attack in New York City, Washington D.C. and a field in Pennsylvania were still more than most of us could comprehend. The aftermath of 9-11 was on the minds of most of us and on some in particular.

Sgt. Tamara Thurman, a resident of this area was at work in the Pentagon when she was killed by the terrorist attack. Her mother and the rest of her family were still reeling from what had happened. They were preparing to travel to Washington to take part in a memorial to those who were killed.

The city of Brewton’s budget had been set at $3.84 million. One of those expenses was to furnish the city with a new fire engine. A photo was on the front page of The Brewton Standard showing all the firefighters, the mayor and the fire chief.

Cato was getting ready to open a new store in Douglas Square Shopping Center. Cato’s is still with us, but now it has moved on up to the WalMart Shopping Center.

The students at Brewton Elementary School gathered at the high school stadium to participate in a Reading Rally. All the children seemed to be having a really good time while being entertained by the Tiger mascot.

W.S. Neal won its football game 38-32 against Luverne and T.R. Miller won 49-24 against Clarke County.

I noticed a story about the plans for the Christmas Parade. I can remember when the Christmas holidays weren’t mentioned until after Thanksgiving. It seems as if they start earlier and earlier every year.

St. Stephens Episcopal Church held a thank you lunch for all of those members of first response teams. During the past month, we all had seen and heard some hair raising tales that made all of us appreciate the hard and dangerous work first responders do.

There was a robbery being investigated at the White Horse Club.

A work release inmate was killed when he fell while working on cutting trees.

A man was arrested on I-65 after he did some crazy things. He had tried to board an airplane at Gulfport, Miss. to fly to Washington, D.C. When that didn’t work, he promised a cab driver $300 to drive him to Atlanta. When they stopped at the Creek Restaurant at Atmore, the cab driver alerted someone and they were stopped on I-65 by the police. It seems that the man had escaped from a mental facility in Gulfport. He kept telling everyone that he wanted to go to Washington to talk with President Bush and to marry the Russian ambassador’s daughter.

Strange things happen all the time and this was one of them.