A lot was going on

Published 8:00 am Wednesday, November 16, 2016

In 2001 there were several things going on in our community.

The Escambia County Sheriff’s Office activities with the “Click it or Ticket” campaign was one of the determining factors in its receiving a grant of $3,500.

This program has certainly been a big part of the cracking down on those who refuse to wear their seat belts. It’s not a bad idea to think about being a bit more careful during this busy season.

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Escambia County Commissioners approved the ECATS contract with JDCC to transport students.

This sounds like a good idea also. We all need a hand with our plans to get somewhere. I know that I think more about it than I used to. I may just have to use their services, if I do get to be old. It is still too early for me to stop driving.

Brewton Elementary School students constructed a display of the American flag out of construction paper by making a paper chain that when hung up formed the flag.

There was a good photograph in The Brewton Standard of Terese Shehan, Vicki Fussell and Diane McCracken. They were all “jail birds” who had been put into jail by Judge Dawn Wiggins Hare. Their punishment was to sing for their supper. It was all done in fun to raise money for the American Heart Association.

The Alabama Wildlife Federation held a Wild Game Cook-off at the home of Ed Leigh McMillan. About 300 people took part in the cook-off.

A Brewton home was destroyed by fire on Rogers Street. No one was hurt in the fire, but it was a very bad loss for the family.

Former Escambia County School Board superintendent, Margaret Breland Bradley, had filed a lawsuit against the board of education.

W.S. Neal High School collected cans of food for the needy. They collected 356 cans and their reward was the opportunity to wear the t-shirt of their favorite college team to class. This sounds like it was a worth-while project for the students.

Eula Mae Powell celebrated her 88th birthday.

Lastly, there was the Profile of the week. It recognized Brad Campbell, former resident of Brewton who was one of eight military members who flew on Air Force One at any one time.

This one was especially fun for me. I was able to do the interview and writing of the story about Brad, who just happened to grow up next door to me. In fact his mother still lives there.

Brad served in the U.S. Air Force for about 20 years. These days his mother’s wishes have finally been satisfied. Although he did not graduate from college years ago, he is now attending the University of Alabama and having a blast. His years flying on Air Force One gave him the opportunity to visit places all over the world. The small town of Brewton should be very proud of this young man and all of the young men who have served their country proudly.