Piloting for families in need

Published 8:30 am Wednesday, January 25, 2017


Pilots for Christ raising funds for new service plane

Since being established in 1994, Pilots for Christ has made over 1,931 mission flights, with 310 flights serving families in 2015 and 320 flights in 2016.

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Recently, PFC sold its plane to a private buyer in hopes of acquiring a plane to better service those in need.

The nonprofit organization has raised $460,000 in part by donations from individuals, churches, organizations, businesses, utility companies and foundation grants. Sales said PFC will have to raise $350,000 more for an equivalent plane, and $500,000 for an upgrade.

“We can really use a plane to seat and accommodate more people,” said PR director of PFC Rosayln Sales.

Piper Cheyenne Turbo Prop airplane commonly used by PFC in Monroeville was recently sold to a private buyer.   

Since the sale, PFC coordinates with Jay, Fla. and Fairhope in mission flights.

“It’s important we get our own plane in the hanger to do what we need to do to serve the people,” Sales said.

“If we have the resources we’ll always help. We believe our ministry is essential to our area, and we are called by God to help fulfill this need.”

Sales said on average PFC has two mission flights per week to Houston, Texas to MD Anderson for cancer patients.

“Specialists in Kansas, Minnesota, the Mayo Clinics, Cleveland, Columbus, Ohio and St. Jude’s in Memphis are typical flights for PFC,” Sales said.

“Occasionally there are flights to Boston, Denver, Virginia, New York and Arizona depending upon the special need and the approval of the Board of Directors.”

PFC in Monroeville is one of 22 chapters in the United States of Pilots for Christ International.

The Monroeville chapter is the only chapter in the state of Alabama; serving Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, Southern Tennessee, Northern Florida, and Louisiana.

To donate to PFC visit pilotsforchrist.net , and click on the PayPal donate link.

For more information and personal testimonies of families helped by PFC visit pilotsforchrist.net, or contact 251.575.9425.