Seems just like yesterday right?

Published 9:00 am Wednesday, March 1, 2017

It doesn’t seem as if 1982 was that long ago, but as you probably know, time passes more quickly the older one gets.

Thirty-five years ago seems more like last year.

Montgomery Mayor Emory Folmar was to speak to the Rotary Club. The Rotary Club had also dedicated its meeting room at Willie’s Place to Burke Hayes, who was the first president of the club in Brewton.

The Brewton School Board met to present plans for building an auditorium at T.R. Miller High School.

Riverview had picked a new site on which to build city hall. A photo in the newspaper showed Mayor Dorothy Mancil and councilman John Wilson. Up until this time, city hall was in a mobile home.

Three students were taken out of school by their parents, who complained that the students had been picked on while they were riding the bus and nothing had been done about it. The students were of mandatory school age and after lots of discussion, the students finally did return to school.

After being deluged with several inches of rain, the fear of flooding in downtown Brewton kept people worried until the danger had passed when Murder Creek and Burnt Corn Creek water levels began to fall.

Walter Lewis was named to the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Long Range Planning Committee.

K-Mart’s advertisement stated that they had dorm shirts for $4.22; blouses for $7.44 and ladies pants for $7. In the Super Food store mayonnaise was on sale for $1.29 and frozen orange juice was 79 cents.

Louise Garrett had a one man (or in her case, one lady) show of her art work at Jefferson Davis Junior College. She had 17 original paintings on display. She was a very talented lady.

Charlie Ballard was chairman of the Parks and Recreation Board and Bernie Sellers was president of the Kiwanis Club. They both expressed their feelings of those who would destroy public areas that were used for recreation.

Dr. Reese Robinson opened his dental office here in Brewton. It certainly doesn’t seem as if it has been that long ago.

It was announced in The Brewton Standard that Jerry Clower would be on hand for the Blueberry Festival that year. I don’t remember whether he came or not.