Long days, busy times

Published 10:56 am Wednesday, March 8, 2017

It seems as if there were lots of things going on in and around the Brewton area during 1992.

The grand jury had met and handed down 339 indictments while the county was dealing with complaints at the old jail. The new jail was under construction and was supposed to open in June. Someone complained about the old jail and its overcrowding. It’s true. There was a problem of overcrowding among other things. Well, that hasn’t changed. The old jail at the time had a capacity of 50 inmates but 65 were housed there. Today, the new jail has a capacity of 95 and there are well over 100 incarcerated in the present jail. This is a problem all over the state and maybe all over the country. Although I understand the problem, I do wish they could do something about putting inmates charged with misdemeanors into a system where there are hardened criminals.

I found a heart-warming story in The Brewton Standard. It was about East Brewton resident, Cpt. Danny Fuqua who was sent to Saudi Arabia the year before. He met a Saudi man there and they became friends. Shabib S’Dairi was working as an engineer, but he later wanted to become a fighter pilot. When he found that he was coming to the United States to train in North Dakota, he let Fuqua know and they met in Montgomery to visit again. It seemed like a good story and I don’t know if they are still friends.

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There was an explosion at Alabama Tank and Welding killing one person and injuring another.

Southern Normal School was getting together for a Founder’s Day homecoming. I think they still have those and every year, many return to see friends.

A reception was held to honor Father Michael McGuiness who served the Brewton Parish for a total of 14 years.

A 38-year old man confessed to committing several businesses in Brewton Heights Shopping Center.

Firemen were kept busy. They responded to two house fires, one at Colonial Manor and the other at the home of Albert Lewis, where the kitchen caught fire.

T.R. Miller High School presented its senior play, which was “Grease.”