He’s prettiest of them all

Published 8:00 am Wednesday, March 15, 2017

There were events happening around Brewton during this time in 1987, 30 years ago.

Mark Coale was named “Miss Sweetheart” in a beauty contest at W.S.N. High School. There was a big crowd of entries vying for the title, but he was the prettiest (I guess). There were others in the contests, such as Dr. Jimmy Adkisson and Frankie Lanier, but Mark was very attractive in his talent costume of a ballet dancer. Apparently the contest was well attended and raised $1,700 for the W.S. Neal band.

The Escambia Rabbit Breeders Association held its spring show at the National Guard Armory. More than 300 rabbits were there and 52 exhibitors. I never knew we had a rabbit association.

Brewton Lions Club was trying to raise money by holding a chili and rice meal. That sounds as if it would really taste good on this cool afternoon.

Construction was underway at city hall (downtown) to build an elevator so that everyone would have access to the building.

Southern Normal High School Band traveled to Mobile to take part in the Mardi Gras Parade.

Southern Normal also celebrated its Founder’s Day with many alumni coming back for a visit.

Firemen were called out when smoke was seen coming out of the old elementary school (school board building).

A fire which was thought to be caused by an old boiler was blamed with the fire. Brewton and East Brewton Fire Departments responded.

It was confirmed that a YMCA would be constructed in Brewton.

D.W. McMillan Hospital was looking for a couple of OB-GYN doctors to come to practice in Brewton. The maternity ward had been closed due to not having a doctor to deliver babies.

The Brewton Standard announced that Piggly Wiggly was moving to a new site, in the shopping center in Alco.

Kids were very happy as spring break had finally gotten here.

East Brewton City Council decided to crack down on “free ranging dogs.” The number of strays was getting out of hand.

A man shot and killed an intruder at his mobile home. He arrived at home to find the door standing open, so he got his pistol and began to search the trailer.

The intruder was hiding in a closet and when the door was opened, he lunged at the man with a gun and he was shot in the chest.

Two girls were awarded plaques by the city after they tried to save the life of a fellow student who was struck by a car near T.R. Miller High School.